load shedding schedule for cape town

Eskom - Load Shedding Schedule for Cape Town

Where can I get a Load Shedding Schedule?

If you are looking for a Load Shedding Schedule Cape Town Schedule to find out when the power is out in your area, and you are trying to prepare for Load shedding whether in Cape Town or the broader South Africa, then we can help. You simply need to click on the following Google and Apple Links ( Google play | Apple App store ) and download the following App to your Smartphone depending on your operating system. It is a huge help. It's called 'EskomSePush' and you can pre-select the area you live in and get regular updates as to when the electricity will be going off.


Load Shedding Schedule for Cape Town


Now that we have helped you get your schedule for Load shedding Schedule of Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. We would like to give you some advice to help combat this ever growing problem without breaking the bank.. The ancient way, the way that dates back to before Christ, the way the Cave man did it and many small towns or tribes still do. WITH FIRE!

Load shedding in South Africa can be a challenging and frustrating experience as we all know, leaving many individuals without power for hours on end. However, by exploring alternative solutions, such as fire wood, individuals can find ways to mitigate the impact of power outages on their daily lives. Firewood can provide a valuable source of light, heat, warmth and more. In this article, we will explore 7 reasons why firewood can be a big help during load shedding and how it can help ease the stress of power outages in Cape Town, South Africa. Visit the Cape Town Firewood online shop to order a load today so we can help make life during these periods a bit more bearable.


Loadshedding Schedule


Here are 7 reasons why firewood can be a big help during load shedding:


Creates Light: 

Firewood can provide a source of light in the dark, helping individuals to navigate their homes and move around safely.

Provides Heat and Warmth: 

During cold weather, firewood can be used to generate heat and warmth, which is essential for staying comfortable and healthy.

Coals for Cooking: 

Firewood can be used to create coals for cooking meat or any meal in a pot, on the braai, providing a much-needed alternative to traditional stovetop cooking.

Boiling Water: 

Firewood can also be used to boil water for coffee, tea, or washing dishes. In some cases, it can even be used to heat water for a bath.

Melt Desserts and Marshmallows: 

Firewood can be used to melt desserts, chocolate, or marshmallows, providing a fun and enjoyable activity for the family.

Socially Engaging: 

Firewood can also be used to bring people together and pass the time during load shedding. Gatherings around the fire can provide an opportunity for social interaction and bonding.

Pizza Oven: 

Lastly, firewood can be used in a pizza oven, allowing individuals to cook their favourite meals and enjoy a bit of luxury even during a power outage.


Load Shedding Schedule for Cape Town


In summary, firewood can be a valuable lifeline to defend against the load shedding schedule in South Africa. It provides light, heat, and warmth, and can be used for cooking, boiling water, melting desserts, and socializing. By embracing the use of firewood, individuals can ease the stress of load shedding and maintain some degree of normalcy in their daily lives. However, it is important to use firewood responsibly and safely to avoid any potential hazards.


Head over to WWW.CAPETOWNFIREWOOD.CO.ZA to get your hands on a wood of your choice that will be a gigantic help with what impacts your daily life. We cant live without power but we can easily survive if we have wood, the way our forefathers did it centuries ago. Plus, its fun to burn wood in the dark! Go on, make the smart choice, invest in your family, You wont be sorry you did!


Load Shedding Schedule for Cape Town
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