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Who are we?

Cape Town Firewood was brought to life during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as a father who lost his income during the year of 2020, we decided to create CTF as a means of survival, a sideline gig to try and get ahead and keep a family alive. We started by selling from home and quickly built a base of clientele that kept us going. Until we'd discovered that we could join the online space and try gain a small market share with hopes of growing in future. We worked day and night to gain ground and made the industry work for us. Initially assisting a small handful of customers, we've today grown into a well-oiled machine with a team like no other and cater for hundreds, if not thousands, of households across the Cape peninsula. 

We have a newfound passion for Firewood and delight our customers with top quality wood and a world class delivery and stacking service. Our aim was to create the Uber of the wood industry and therefore started helping other dads with no income carry out deliveries on our behalf so they could in turn help their families get by. Unemployed gents with bakkies were flocking in from all over to work alongside us. This system has worked for us and has helped us in creating jobs not only for drivers but also the hands that help carry and pack at all deliveries. Being able to help create employment has been very fulfilling as we're now able to take in guys who were once in our position.

After the last few years, we work with a massive network of farmers, wholesale warehouses and tree fellers that supply us with some of the very best variety of firewood qualities that money can buy. We aim to get only the very best woods from as close to the source as possible so we can ensure affordable price points and woods that are simply a pleasure to burn. Clients love CTF for distributing fantastic braai woods, fireplace woods, social firewood's and woods for Pizza ovens. We aim to meet their needs with minimal hassle and a simplified ordering system via our online shop. Our operation is seamless, and we are sure many people will enjoy the service and standard of woods we have to offer.

Our team aims to grow further and 'WOW' even more customers in the years to come! Customer relationships mean everything to us, and we guarantee to carry out a service that leaves a smile on your face! Give us a try and let's see how we can brighten up your experience.

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About us - Cape Town Firewood