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Who is a good Firewood Supplier?

If you are looking for a Firewood Supplier in Cape Town, then look no further. Cape Town Firewood is the go-to for all your Firewood needs. You order Online and your order is delivered to your door. Stacking is Free and there's lots of options to choose from.


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Are you on a quest for firewood? Not sure of where to buy Firewood in Cape Town? Are you in the market for some decent Fire wood but not sure where to go or who to support in order to meet your needs. You are looking for the Firewood Company that will deliver for you and help you stack all the woods? You find yourself in need of the real gurus when it comes to wood? Someone that can supply you with the firewood energy source you need? Or you simply want to order some Namibian Hardwood and all other local Firewood's from a single source? The wood fellas that know it all? The fireman you can rely on to get you your favourite stash?


Well, then look no further because Cape Town Firewood has got you covered! We are the wood guys to go to. We are professionals in the industry that offer a huge variety of woods and options to meet your every desire. We've got vast knowledge of all the woods sold locally as well as the woods from our Namibian neighbours and work with some of the best wood farms and firewood suppliers in the game. We work with a vast network of reliable sources to bring you Firewood 4 Africa! All the wood stompies you'll ever need! 


Firewood Suppler Cape Town


At Cape Town Firewood, also know as CTF, we pride ourselves in sourcing and distributing great quality woods and Braai Supplies to your door. We get all the goods together for you and carry out all the labour on arrival. Our online platform makes life easy and we offer so many options you can easily find deals to meet your budget. Whether it's Blue Gum, Black Wattle, Kameeldoring, Rooikrans or another wood type, we are the guys that make things happen and take the time, traveling, cost and stress out of stocking up yourself. You simply order online and we contact you to arrange the delivery, your load could be ordered in just a few clicks. Never has purchasing an array of woods been so easy. Right at your very fingertips!


So don't waste another minute hunting to find firewood for sale, entrust us with your Firewood delivery in and around Cape Town. Join the fire culture. Lets get you stocked up and ready for any season or occasion. Doesn't matter if it's for fireplace throughout winter, for business, for the pizza oven, social fires or even load shedding.. We are are always ready to assist! Our teams are standing by.


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You've come to the right place! Where ordering fire wood is easy.

We'd love to help you. Check out our online store today and save!

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