Collection: Eco Fire Logs | Eco-Friendly Firewood made from Grape Seeds

Introducing our Eco Friendly Compressed Grape Seed Eco Fire Logs, proudly manufactured in South Africa. These Eco Fire Logs are the perfect solution for your Weber kettle's, braais or fireplaces, offering exceptional heat emission and a high calorific value. With a burn time of approximately 40 minutes per small 5kg bag, our Grape Seed Eco Fire Logs produce intense flames and high heat for over an hour. Made without any additives or binding agents, these logs are completely natural and burn just like traditional firewoods, ensuring a clean and enjoyable experience without dirtying your hands or causing smoke to irritate your eyes. Derived from grape seeds, the remaining oil cake or pulp are pressed into these amazing Eco Fire logs, making them both 100% recycled and 100% natural. Not only do they provide sustainable heating solutions for indoor use and braais (bbq), but they also align with your eco-conscious lifestyle. Our Grape Seed Eco Fire Logs are incredibly easy to use and store. They require no chopping or stacking, and their compact size allows for convenient storage without taking up too much space. To light these awesome Eco Fire Logs, we recommend using volcano firelighters for optimal results. Remember to store your Eco logs in a dry place, free from any moisture, to ensure their long-lasting quality. Experience the benefits of our Eco Friendly Compressed Grape Seed Eco Fire Logs today, and enjoy the convenience, sustainability, and high heat emission they offer.