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Cape Town Firewood

Soetdoring South African Hardwood Bags (Sweet Thorn) | 5x 18KG or more

Soetdoring South African Hardwood Bags (Sweet Thorn) | 5x 18KG or more

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  • Soetdoring is an excellent Firewood to use indoors.
  • Also known as 'Acacia Karroo' or 'Vachellia Karroo'.
  • Good Firewood selection for Fireplaces.
  • It is a dense South African Hardwood.
  • Consists as part¬†of the Acacia wood family.
  • Mainly¬†found across SA, Mozambique and Angola.
  • Highly recommended for its¬†warmth and clean burn.
  • Can reach increasingly high temperatures.
  • Considered an Invasive Specie across local farmlands up North.
  • It's¬†a¬†well respected SA Hardwood¬†with¬†a¬†good burn time.
  • Often very large pieces are supplied when packed.
  • Delivers bright flames with little smoke and no odour.
  • It's dry with a very low moisture content.
  • Naturally seasoned outdoors in very dry conditions.
  • Often this wood type is used in the manufacturing of Charcoal.
  • It splits very easily once dried¬† and does not absorb moisture.
  • Responsible for Bush encroachment in Grasslands and on farms.
  • It is detrimental grass productions and competes for soil.
  • All woods are fumigated to rid of unwanted pests.
  • Sustainably sourced, harvested and packed by South African's.
  • It is rare and not as widely available as other wood types.


All our woods are sourced from only the best farms and suppliers.
From time-to-time batches may vary in size or quality.
Mixed size pieces are pre-packed in all bags.
Large 18KG Bags will be supplied unless otherwise updated.
COD, Card, Snapscan, Zapper and EFT payments accepted.
See delivery page for more information.


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