Which is the best Braai wood in South Africa?

So you find yourself asking, which is the best Braai wood in South Africa?

Kameeldoring is widely regarded as the best braai wood due to its dense, slow-burning properties that provide a long-lasting, intense heat with minimal smoke. It also produces a distinct, pleasant aroma that enhances the flavor of grilled meat. In Cape Town, Kameeldoring wood is readily available and easy to get in hand for your next Braai.


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Which is the best Braai wood in South Africa? South Africa and Namibia are renowned for their love of braai, and choosing the right type of wood is an important part of the braai experience. In this article, we'll take a closer look at six of the most popular braai woods in South Africa and Namibia - Rooikrans, Kameeldoring wood, Sekelbos firewood, Grape Vine, Myrtle, and Black Wattle firewood. We'll compare them based on popularity, aroma, coals, demand, flames, and heat generation to help you choose the right wood for your next braai.

Popularity: In terms of popularity, Kameeldoring is one of the most widely used braai woods in South Africa and Namibia. It's a dense, heavy wood, combined with its mild, lovely aroma and fiery hot coals, it makes it a definite favourite among braai enthusiasts. Rooikrans is also a very popular choice, known for its strong, smoky aroma and mediocre burn times.

Aroma: Grape Vine is known for its unique, sweet aroma that enhances the flavour of the food without overpowering it. Myrtle has more of a mild, earthy aroma that adds a subtle flavour to the food, while Sekelbos is known for it's rich, bushveld aroma. Whereas, Black Wattle and Rooikrans are known more for their strong, smoky flavours.

Coals: Kameeldoring Namibian Hardwood is a slow-burning wood, which means that it produces a lot of coals. This makes it a great choice for those who want to cook their food for a longer period of time without the coals dying out. Rooikrans, on the other hand, is a slightly faster burning braai wood and produces fewer coals. Grape Vine and Myrtle however are faster burning woods with average coals, while Sekelbos and Black Wattle are slower burning woods that produce satisfactory coals.

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Demand: The demand for braai wood depends on a variety of factors, including the type of wood, the time of year, and the location in which one resides. Kameeldoring and Rooikrans are always in high demand, while the demand for Sekelbos, Grape Vine, Myrtle, and Black Wattle can vary depending on the region and other demographics.

Flames: The type of braai wood you choose can also affect the size and colour of the flames. Rooikrans and Sekelbos are known for producing larger flames, while Kameeldoring and Black Wattle produce smaller flames. Grape vine and Myrtle produce the smallest flames in majority cases and are great for those who want to avoid large fires.

Heat Generation: Kameeldoring is a heavy wood that produces a lot of heat, making it a great choice. Rooikrans, Grape Vine, and Myrtle are faster burning woods though and are also great for a quicker Braai on a early night, where Sekelbos and Black wattle are slower burning woods that produce moderate to high heat over a few cold beverages. 


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TIP: No matter the wood type, always keep a fire going on the side even while cooking your meat to ensure you never run out of the heat or coals when needed most. It's a trusted backup plan or Plan B to ensure your meats are cooked well, without fail.

In conclusion, Which is the best Braai wood in South Africa? Each type of braai wood has its own unique benefits and flavour profiles. The right type of wood for you will depend on your personal preference and the type of food you are cooking. So whether you prefer a local or Namibian wood type, there is always a braai wood available from Cape Town Firewood that is perfect for you!


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