Collection: Kameeldoring Firewood (Camelthorn) - Namib Braai wood

Kameeldoring Firewood, a renowned Namibian hardwood, stands out as our flagship product, establishing us as one of the premier suppliers in this category. This extraordinary Kameeldoring wood is coveted for its exceptional burning properties, ensuring a robust blaze and a bed of enduring red hot coals. Derived from the arid terrain of the Namib bushveld, Kameeldoring Firewood boasts a remarkable density that guarantees optimal performance. The high demand for this premium wood within South Africa speaks to its unrivaled reputation. Our platform offers the convenience of ordering both small quantities and bulk loads of this superior wood. As one of the country's best-selling braai woods, Kameeldoring Firewood imparts a delightful flavor to meats while consistently providing long-lasting coals for an uninterrupted braai experience. It is ideal for various occasions, from lively social gatherings and weekend bring-and-braai events to public gatherings where excellence is demanded. Esteemed braai masters also endorse its use, as the vivid, high heat flames dance and roar with an unmatched intensity. We take pride in responsibly sourcing all our Camelthorn firewood from reputable Namibian suppliers who process the wood from deceased trees, ensuring sustainability. If you haven't already succumbed to its allure, we encourage you to experience the undeniable superiority of Kameeldoring Firewood for yourself. Place your online order today and discover the unparalleled pleasure it brings to your braai sessions.