Collection: Blue Gum Firewood/Bloekom Hout (Fireplace wood)

Introducing Blue Gum Firewood: Your Top Choice for Warmth and Ambiance! Discover the finest Blue Gum Firewood from Cape Town Firewood. Local Firewood Suppliers, bringing you the best quality firewood for your needs. Originally from South-eastern Australia, this popular South African firewood, also known as 'Eucalyptus globulus,' is renowned for its exceptional burning properties. Ideal for cold winter nights, Blue Gum Firewood is the top-selling choice for fireplaces across SA. Its versatility shines as it perfectly fits closed combustion units and enhances wood-fired pizza ovens. The people's first choice for fireplaces, it boasts a chunky appearance and dense nature, ensuring it generates ample heat to warm your home. Enjoy a clean burn with a decent burn time and relish the constant, mesmerizing flames it produces. With low moisture content, Blue Gum Firewood guarantees reliable performance. You'll love the convenience of its mixed sizes, coming in round and split cuts. A tall, evergreen tree that germinates rapidly, Blue Gum Firewood thrives throughout Southern Africa. However, its invasiveness and high water consumption on farms must be noted. Yet, its widespread use by the public and wood-fired pizza restaurants attests to its popularity. Recommended by fireplace companies, Blue Gum Firewood also beautifully complements Namibian Hardwoods during winter. Embrace the warmth and ambiance it brings to your space, creating cherished moments with family and friends. Experience the best with trusted Cape Town Firewood Distributors - your source for premium Blue Gum Firewood. With us you remain cozy and delighted!