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Cape Town Firewood

Blue Gum Firewood Bulk (Local) | 500 Loose Pieces

Blue Gum Firewood Bulk (Local) | 500 Loose Pieces

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  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood¬†is South Africa's most popular Fire wood.
  • It is¬†originally¬†native to South-eastern Australia.
  • Scientifically it is also known¬†as 'Eucalyptus globulus'.
  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood the top selling wood for fireplaces.
  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood can be¬†used in closed combustion units.
  • Preferred¬†choice to¬†use inside Pizza Ovens.
  • Classed as¬†the peoples first choice for Fires.
  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood is¬†solid¬†and chunky in appearance.
  • Generates¬†fantastic heat to warm up your home.
  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood has a clean burn¬†with a decent burn time.
  • This¬†trusted wood¬†makes nice constant flames.
  • It reaches very high temperatures when burning
  • Low Moisture content in majority cases.
  • Blue¬†Gum Firewood is often nice large sizes supplied.
  • It is a tall, evergreen tree that germinates rapidly.
  • You will find these trees are growing right across South Africa.
  • Most¬†Blue¬†Gum Firewood¬†is still being cut in and around the Cape.
  • The wood is transported into the city from small farm towns.
  • Rather¬†invasive and consumes large volumes of water on farms.


Decent Blue gum firewood, expertly prepared for sale and delivery to your home, country estate, lodge, or farm cottages across the Western Cape.


All our woods are sourced from only the best farms and suppliers.
From time to time batches may vary in size or quality.
Mixed size pieces will be loaded.
Loose pieces of Blue Gum Firewood will be supplied and distributed.
COD, Card, Snapscan, Zapper and EFT payments accepted.
See delivery page for more information.


Order your Blue Gum Firewood online today, don't miss out!

Delivery Calculations

Deliveries calculated at checkout based on weight and distance. The heavier an order or the further it travels, the higher the cost.

Order Processing Time

Please allow 48 to 72hrs for orders and payments to be processed.

Delivery Bookings

Once payments have cleared and orders have been prepared, we will update you on delivery information.

Delivery Time Frame

All orders delivered within 3-5 business days once payment has cleared in our banking account.

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  • Stacking Service

    FREE Stacking included with orders. All woods will be stacked within 30m from where the delivery vehicle parks. Bags will be un-bagged at no extra cost if requested.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Make use of our wide choice of payment options. Including Cheque/Credit/Debit cards, Select store cards, Zapper, Snapscan, Bank QR codes, EFT, Cash and more!