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Cape Town Firewood

Firewood Holder - Outdoor | Custom-Made Rack with Roof Cover

Firewood Holder - Outdoor | Custom-Made Rack with Roof Cover

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  • Ensures your¬†firewood is neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • A Firewood Holder elevates firewood off the ground and out of the mud.
  • Allows¬†for better air circulation to prevent moisture and mould.
  • Promotes faster and more efficient drying of firewood.
  • Reduces the risk of pests and rodents nesting in¬†your woodpile.
  • Minimizes the risk of¬†bumping or knocking over stacked¬†firewood.
  • Saves you space outside by neatly stacking firewood in a compact area.
  • It adds a rustic and decorative element to your outdoor living space.
  • Using a rack to protect your Firewood you can help prolong its lifespan.
  • Provides easy access to firewood during¬†severe weather conditions.
  • A Firewood Holder prevents wood decay and rot caused by ground contact.
  • Facilitates proper seasoning of firewood for efficient burning.
  • Allows for all year-round storage and regular use of firewood.
  • Ensures a stable and uniform¬†stacking experience.
  • Shields firewood from rain, hail, and other harsh weather elements.
  • Minimizes the transfer of bark and¬†dirt into your home.
  • A Firewood Holder reduces the risk or chance of accidental fires.
  • Our Firewood Holder requires minimal upkeep and maintenance.
  • Helps you save by preserving firewood quality and preventing waste.
  • Encourages responsible firewood storage in a¬†chosen area.
  • Comes in one size and design that's proven to work well.
  • Convenient to replenish your firewood¬†indoors during cold weather.
  • Unit is able to fit approximately 2000 or more¬†loose pieces.
  • Our Firewood Holders are made from high quality materials that last.
  • Crafted using¬†proper Pine planks cut to size, not pallets.
  • Supplied un-treated. Annual coat of wood sealant recommended.
  • Image used for illustration purposes only.
  • Dimensions: L: 2600mm X H: 1600mm X W: 700mm

Our Firewood Holders are custom-made by professionals.
All panels will be prepared prior to delivery.
Product pricing includes delivery and setup.
Please allow a 1 to 2 week ETA while we build your unit.
Only EFT payments will be accepted for this offer.
See delivery page for more information.

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